Posted a video after a couple hours of game play in Bioshock Infinite. You can check it out above. As I played through what was an impressive first couple of hours, my mind would drift to the thought of having a Bioshock adventure on the PS Vita.

Beyond the dream of the Vita bioshock which may or may not ever come to be, I actually got up super early this morning to continue my trip into Columbia and wanted to continue my impressions. Spoilers Below:

Sky High Contradiction

To me the most impressive part of the early game is the contradictory world that is presented to you. The city of Columbia beams with great ideals, a safe, welcoming place to those who believe. It doesn’t take much digging to see underneath the facade is a rotten, misguided value system.

Early on in the game, you are given a choice to throw an object at a tied up black woman, while a PT Barnum wannabe questions your conviction and asks if you now like your coffee black!, as the mob behind you cheers. Its quite a powerful scene, Growing up in the America south like I did, I know many people who use a greater believe system to justify there prejudices to themselves and others. When the violence erupts shortly afterwords, my new foes recieve no mercy from me and video game deaths are rarely this satisfying.

An Actual FPS

For all the wonder and story that Bioshock Infinite and Columbia provide, don’t mistake it for one of those first person adventure games like Skyrim. Bioshock is clearly an FPS and combat plays a key role in the gameplay once the ball gets moving.

I was pleasantly suprised at how involved the combat was even early on. In one situation I was high above enemies on a floating ship. The AI was smart enough to know they were in a bad spot, and actually fled the battlefield in an attempt to flank me through the skyline structure. I was able to reconize this and protect my flank with a fireball trap. It was a great to see this, and not have the enemies stand there like slaughter.

As plentiful and fast paced as the combat has been so far, it does feel a bit clunky and dated. It certinatly doesn’t have the precision of other first person shooters i’ve played, and the vigor system feels so familiar its almost repetitive. I’m hoping as I advance further, and gain some upgrades and Elizabeth comes into play, things will come together a bit more.

Mysterious protaganist

I’ve gone through these early impressions without discussing much about the main character Booker. Thats because there isn’t that much to tell at this point. Infinite has taken the less is more approach, and basically left his back story out for now. We know that he is on a mission to capture a girl to repay a debt, we get the feeling that he has done some bad stuff in the past, and he has the mark of false prophet on his hand.

Its a great bit of story telling. As we uncover all of the different layers of the city of Columbia, we uncover all of the little details about booker as well. I can geniually say that I am excited to see where things will go, and how and why booker has that mark on his hand…

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